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tailoring material
16 inch

16 inch Invisible Zipper For Plazo, Dresses, Frocks, Gowns (Multicolor/60Pc)

Rs. 349.00
invisible zipper, often used in dresses, is a type of zipper designed to be discreetly hidden within a seam, creating a seamless and sleek look when closed. Unlike traditional zippers,...
Black GPO Lace

Beautiful Black Jarkan Flower Gpo Lace For Dupatta, Saree, Frowk, Gown, Suit & Craft Decoration (Black/9Mtr)

Rs. 599.00
The Beautiful Black Jarkan Flower GPO lace is an exquisite and intricate lace design that combines the richness of black with the delicate beauty of Jarkan flowers. Crafted with precision,...
Green Border Lace Reel

Beautiful Dark Green Golden Velvet Border Lace For Saree, Lehenga, Suit, Dupatta, Frowk, Gown (Green/9Mtr)

Rs. 399.00
Elevate your dresses with our exquisite Dark Green velvet flower border lace. This sophisticated trim adds a touch of luxury, blending the richness of dark green velvet with intricately detailed...
mirror work lace border

Beautiful Design Multicolor Mirror Work Sequence Border Lace For Lehenga Blouse, Saree, Frowk, Gown, Suit, Garara And Craft Work (Multicolor/9Mtr)

Rs. 749.00
Multicolor border lace Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the multicolor mirror work adds a touch of opulence to any garment or accessory it adorns. Each mirror is carefully placed...
golden cutdana latkan lace

Beautiful Golden Cutdana Pipe Latkan Lace For Dupatta, Saree, Lehenga, Gown, Frowk, Suit (Golden/8Mtr)

Rs. 699.00
This exquisite lace features intricate golden cutdana detailing, adding a touch of opulence to any garment or accessory. The radiant golden hue and carefully crafted pipe latkan design make it...
golden cystal lace

Beautiful Golden Cystal Latkan Lace For Dupatta, Frowk, Blouse, Gown & Craft Decoration (Gold/8Mtr)

Rs. 649.00
The Beautiful Golden Crystal Latkan Lace Border is an exquisite embellishment crafted with intricate details and adorned with sparkling crystals. Its golden hue exudes elegance, making it a perfect choice...
dupatta lace

Beautiful Golden Cystal Moti Latkan Lace For All Types Fancy Dresses & Craft Decoration (Gold/15Mtr)

Rs. 499.00
The Beautiful Golden Crystal Moti Latkan lace is an exquisite accessory that adds a touch of elegance and glamour to any garment or accessory. Crafted with precision, this lace features...
lehenga latkan design
2.5 inch

Beautiful Golden Funda Cystal Latkans For Lehenga, Blouse, Saree, Suit, Frowk, Dupatta & Craft Work (Pack of 12)

Rs. 329.00
Crafted from high-quality materials and adorned with radiant golden hues, these Funda Latkans are designed to complement a wide range of Lehengas, enhancing their overall appeal. The intricate detailing and...
golden border lace

Beautiful Golden Patti Mirror Work Border Lace For Suit, Saree, Blouse, Dupatta, Frowk, Gown, Plazo (Golden/9Mtr)

Rs. 749.00
The intricate design of the lace showcases a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity. Traditional motifs intertwine with contemporary patterns, resulting in a versatile piece that can seamlessly complement both...
golden sitara lace

Beautiful Golden Round Sitara Lace Border For Dupatta, Lehenga, Blouse, Saree, Gown (Golden/9Mtr)

Rs. 299.00
The Golden Round Sitara Lace Reel is a luxurious embellishment for adding elegance to various crafts and designs. Crafted with precision, this reel features intricately woven golden thread in a...
golden sitara lace

Beautiful Golden Sitara Latkan Lace Border For Dupatta, Saree, Blouse, Frowk, Craft Decoration (Golden/9Mtr)

Rs. 529.00
The Beautiful Golden Sitara Latkan Lace Border is a stunning embellishment that exudes elegance and opulence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this lace border is a testament to the...
multicolor kodi lace

Beautiful Light Multicolor Kodi Latkan Lace For Dupatta, Lehenga, Blouse, Saree, Suit & Craft Decoration (Multicolor/8Mtr)

Rs. 349.00
Multicolor Kodi Latkan Lace is a vibrant and decorative trim featuring multiple hues, perfect for adding a lively touch to traditional garments, accessories, or home decor. The intricate design and...